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I did this last year, and so it seems to be a tradition, or something. I'm actually a little sad to see how little I wrote, billions of pages of teh crack aside. All King Arthur fic. I really need to get back into the Greek mythology. Maybe I should reread the Iliad again . . . .

The first line of the first fic posted each month this year:

January. Words Unspoken:
Arthur was nearly asleep when he felt Lancelot lay down beside him.

February. Half Awake:
Lancelot woke with a start, unsure of where he was.

March. Untitled Resurrection ficlet:
Lancelot was watching Arthur and not bothering to hide it.

April. First Impressions (drabble):
They’d had so many commanders that Bors joked it was pointless to learn names: "Call’em sir to their faces; bastards to their backs."

May. In Twilight’s Kingdom:
Lancelot stood on a wide plain, listening to the wind moving through the swaying sea of grass.

June. None, except some Resurrection question memes. The first one of the month began:
The first time Lancelot drank coffee, everyone was very sorry (except him).

July. Prelude:
Arthur sat slumped in a dark corner of the tavern, as indifferent to the soldiers carousing around him as they were to him.

August. The Coming of Spring (drabble):
They watch for them.

September. None

October. None

November. None

December. Rumors of War (see, I was working on something!):
The trip back from Eboracum passed as a gray haze, punctured by occasional small flares of dread at the sight of each landmark signaling their progress toward Badon Hill.

Not quite as exciting as I would have liked, but it’s certainly too late to change it. May next year bring more time and inspiration for fun with words.

Book meme

Dec. 24th, 2007 10:37 am
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Book meme I couldn’t resist from [ profile] darklyscarlett.

How many of your books do you part with after reading (other than books that were dreadful)?

Almost none. I’m a hoarder, and see below about my formative habits on rereading. I once sold a bunch of books to a used bookstore when my parents were moving out of my childhood home, and even through the books I parted with were all rather bad, I’ve never quite gotten over it. I’m pretty picky these days about what I buy, though. If I do buy a (rare) trash novel of some kind, and it does turn out to be truly dreadful, I might get rid of that. I will give away multiple copies, but I don’t end up with too many of those. I'm always happy to lend books though, but too often I end up regretting it.

What makes you keep or discard a book?

See above. I can't remember where, but didn't someone once compare the shelving of books once read to the mounting of animal head trophies? I don't see that myself. Each read book becomes a little part of myself, even if it's less than a masterpiece, and I’d at least like to have the chance no revisit it if the fancy strikes.

Do you ever purge your shelves? Does that only happen when you move to another country?

See above. Even if I move across the world, I’d either find a way to take my books with me, or store them.

Is there anything weird about having a large-ish personal library?

Personally I think it’s more weird not to.

Do you re-read the books you have? Often?

I used to be an unrepentant, multi-time re-reader of any book I liked. It was not uncommon for me to finish a book and flip to the beginning and start again (although this was often a result of my habit of starting a book at a random place in the middle). These days, I’m more linear in my reading and I don’t have time to reread, but, if my time freed up, I’d no doubt return to my old ways--at least the rereading part. I do still occasionally pick up old favorites and reread them, but not as often as I’d like.

Is it freakish and self-indulgent to have entire rooms shelved with tasty, tasty text?

Is it freakish and indulgent to eat? Actually given a choice between food and books . . . .

Do you head straight for the shelves when you visit someone's house for the first time, to find out who they really are? And are you slightly alarmed when you find yourself in a bookless house?

Yes and yes. ;) Although I know a lot of quite nice people who are not big readers, so I try not to get too freaked out by book-less living arrangements.

What's the rough balance of your library in terms of genres or other splits?

The majority is fiction, but it depends on what you mean by library. If you mean what’s in my apartment, I’d guess around 30-40 percent nonfiction, mostly history. I also have my old books stored at my parent’s house, and those are almost entirely fiction.

Any strange clusters?

Not sure what’s meant by strange. I have a space problem, so books are often arranged more by what fits where than any kind of logical scheme. I do have a lot of magna, but it’s mostly packed away. When I was young(er), I read a lot of fantasy, but not much anymore, and most of that is at my parents‘ house. I have a lot of history books. I also have a number of old childhood favorites, purchased in fits of nostalgia.

How many books would you say you are usually reading at any given time?

For pleasure, I try to read only one at a time. I have a problem getting back to books that I put down and a bad memory.

Has the internet significantly cut into your reading of printed text?

Probably. There’s more reading material available to vie for my time, and I‘m a bit of a news addict.

Do you also have yards of music or films?

I have a lot of dvds and quite a lot of cds. The cds are mostly from my school years. Nowadays, when I do buy cds, I tend not to keep them. I pass them on to my sister once I get them on my computer--it’s the space issue. I probably have more tv series collections than films; I have as grandiose illusions of my ability to watch stuff as I do read stuff.
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I think I've just finished a rough first draft of the next chapter of Resurrection. (!) Yes, finally. The lost scenes have been replaced (after much pathetic whining and gnashing of teeth) and they're no doubt better in some ways and worse in others than the originals. I think I still need to fill in some stuff, there might be one or two scenes to add that I haven't figured out yet, and, of course, it all sucks, so there's going to be a lot of rewriting, but it now has a beginning and an end and about 45 pages of middle. I'll be a while longer, but there's a hint of light at the end of the tunnel. Hee!

(And thanks to all of you who were so nice when I was having my frothing-at-the-mouth moments over my lost draft.)

So, in the hope that it might urge me on, a meme borrowed from [ profile] starry_diadem if you care to play:

What would you say are the trademarks of my writing? What themes or quirks or turns of phrase have you noticed? What is it that makes a story by me - well, a story by me?

I myself would say a stubborn need to throw in every bad joke I can think of, but you decide.

And brr, it's finally cold. After ending up feeling like a popsicle yesterday, I wore a coat today for the first time this so-called fall.
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No, I'm still not done with these. Yes, I’m quite slow. A couple more to go.

[ profile] darklyscarlett asked: How does ResGaheris really feel about ResGalahad these days, and about sharing Big Love Gawain with him?

Galahad was not quite the youngest of the conscripts, but he had certainly always acted like it. )
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More belated meme-age. [ profile] darklyscarlett asked “Where did ResGareth meet Sarah Jane, and how did he go about courting her?” Sarah Jane, as you may or may not recall, is Gareth’s lady friend, who we get a glimpse of at the end of Ties that Bind.

Gareth met the love of his new life at the supermarket. )
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Sorry for taking so long. Here are a few more answers to the questions meme.

[ profile] blade_and_roses asked, from Resurrection: "What, exactly, was the deal with Lancelot and the coffee?" I'm not sure if this is it exactly, but here's some of what Lancelot thinks on the subject.

The first time Lancelot drank coffee, everyone was very sorry (except him). )

[ profile] darklyscarlett asked: "Tell me a personal secret ResTor has kept from even ResGalahad."

Tor keeps several secrets from Galahad  )

[ profile] d_violetta asked: "Was there any order to how the Knights were resurrected?"

I don't think this is giving anything away )

[ profile] evil_jacquie asked: "How long before Tristan died did Dinadin die?"

That's a little tricky )
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[ profile] darklyscarlett (among other things) asked: What peaked ResBruenor's interest in cookery (er, cooking, in Yank-speak)? )

Yes, I'm at work still and should be working, but yeah. If anyone still wants to ask questions, go here.
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Since work is being homicidal, and I have no time to even look in the direction of non-work-related things, I think it's time for a meme. Shamelessly stolen from various people:

Ask me any question(s) you want about any character(s) I write. If asking about King Arthur (all I seem to be writing lately), please specify if you want canon or Resurrection or something else. And on Res, I won't be able to answer if the response calls for a spoiler.

Um, don't know how quickly I will be answering, so bear with me.
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Here are the five things meme answers. Wow, that was a lot. : ) I think I might have exceeded the maximum number of cuts lj allows for an entry, so it’s actually broken down into two posts. Second post is linked at the bottom.

And also, I’m getting the feeling that some of you really like Tristan. In my unscientific survey, he and Lancelot tied for person with the most questions mentioning them (9) and Arthur came in a close second (8). Everyone else was left in the dust: Only four questions relating to the knights in general, Dinaden had three, Galahad two, and Gawain, Gaheris and Merlin one each.

BTW, Bors is quite offended no one asked questions about him, especially since someone asked a question about that creepy Merlin. And you’ve made Tor cry. (Kay has been trying to console him by telling him that out of the non-movie knights, only Dinaden and Gaheris got named in any questions, but actually, deep down, Kay’s a little miffed too—mostly on Dagonet’s behalf.) (Agravaine is making snarky remarks about how the only reason Dinaden got on the list is because all those questions are really about Tristan and how Gaheris wouldn’t have made it either if it weren’t for Gawain and Galahad and people’s prurient interest in threesomes.)

For [ profile] ladydey

Four things that Arthur is unaware of, but are better now that Lancelot is back (and one that he is aware of) )

Five Things that Bedevil even Merlin in This New Era )

Four Ways that Arthur and Lancelot Don't Take Over the World, and One Way that They Do )

For [ profile] fisher_queen

Five things the knights learned about kitchens )

Galahad's five most embarrassing fashion faux pau’s. )

Five slightly illegal things the knights have done that Arthur does not know about )

For [ profile] darklyscarlett

Five arguments/rows/brawls Galahad and Gaheris have had over Gawain, and Gawain's reaction to each of them. )

Lancelot's top 5 vomit-inducing romantic gestures that he's observed with the other couples )

Arthur's top 5 romantic gestures that he's planning to spring on Lance once the election is over )

Top 5 things Tristan finds utterly irresistible about Dinaden )

Top 5 things Dinaden finds utterly irresistible about Tristan )

Continued here .
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Because, you know, procrastination:

The first line of the first fic posted each month this year (not including 100 word drabbles).

Morning saw Arthur bleary-eyed but alert as he arrived at the training yard to meet his new command.
(Field Trip, King Arthur fandom, part of Rites of Passage series)

Inventorying supplies was no one’s favorite task, but as Gareth was wont to say, it beat slogging through the mud and being shot at by people who painted themselves blue.
(Supply and Demand, King Arthur Fandom, part of Rites of Passage series)

None (Vacation to Austria!)

Wild rage followed hard on the heels of reeling shock when the arrow punched through his chest.
( Myths Legends and Lies, King Arthur fandom, part of Resurrection (crack) series)

The fighting is long over by the time Achilleus returns to the Myrmidon camp.
(Scars, Achilleus/Patroklos, remember my 100 fic thing?)

None (work, I hate you)

Arthur ran his fingers through damp curls, his hand sliding downward to cup the fragile base of Lancelot's skull.
(Dangerous Games, King Arthur fandom, part of Resurrection (crack) series)

Tristan crouched in the dirt by the stable's outer wall, watching Lancelot.
(Totem, King Arthur fandom, Tristan and Lancelot, written for [ profile] darklyscarlett's birthday)

Arthur’s fingers tangled in dark curls as he struggled not to pull while holding his partner’s head against him.
(Quest, King Arthur fandom (and if you noticed the similarity to the first line of another story--hee!))

The battlefield was made of smoke and fire, the hellish sounds of the dying and wounded, the stink of blood and human butchery.
(Rude Awakenings, King Arthur fandom, part of Resurrection (crack) series)

When Arthur finally rose from his knees, it was only the ache in his joints that alerted him to the passage of time.
(Rituals and Observations, King Arthur, A/L, written for [ profile] lessy37's b-day)

None (yet?)

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One more.

For [ profile] ivy03

Five things Lancelot would do on the London Tube during rush hour. )

Thanks to everyone for playing. I hope you had fun!


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