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So, it’s only something like 11 days until the third Crackiversary.* Hard to believe, for me at least. This year wasn’t a good one for teh crack, since the last actual chapter appeared in December 2007. How that happened, I’m really not quite sure, but I am working on the next chapter, which is 30 plus pages at present, but still has a ways to go.

I have developed a sort of tradition of Crackiversary celebration, but I’m not sure what to do this year, considering the lack of progress. So I guess I’ll leave it to you guys. Are you interested in me doing something this year? If you want to see what’s happened on previous Crackiversarys, you can click the Crackiversary tag. I'm pretty busy these days, so if there's not much interest, I probably won't do anything. So, cause you know I think they're shiny, poll!

[Poll #1331072]

As always, regardless of what I end up dong, if anyone is inclined to do a crackiversary gift of their own, feel free.

*Crackiversary=the anniversary of the date I posted what became the first chapter of the eponymous series Resurrection.


Dec. 1st, 2007 11:39 am
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I’m curious. I’ve just seen the information of LJ’s latest attempt to cover its arse be a responsible hoster of internet content. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, see here. In brief, LJ has added a feature that allows you to rate your content. Such content will be hidden behind a warning link and no one who‘s logged in as minor can view it. The part that’s really annoying people is the ability for anyone to flag other’s posts as inappropriate.

I realize that there’s been a lot of discussion in many places about it already, but I’m interested in what you, O Mighty Friends List, are planning to do and why.

I’m not completely decided, although I will probably end up flagging some of my fic--eventually. On one hand, as an attorney, I do appreciate what LJ is trying to do, although their execution, as always, leaves something to be desired, especially this public policing function. As a user, I’m a little annoyed, actually. This is clearly meant as a purely legal CYA, despite the whole “Think of the children!” hand wringing. There’s nothing to stop a minor from viewing the post when she’s not logged in. This, however, is a problem without an easy solution if you‘re going to go LJ‘s chosen route, since otherwise you ban all non-lj account-holders from viewing the flagged content, which to me would be unacceptable and a reason not to bother with the flags. Also, I don’t view my fic as being all that explicit, and arbitrarily deciding what qualifies as “Adult Concepts” or “Explicit Adult Content” irritates me. I’m not enthused by the prospect of actually having to go back and remember what’s in each fic and deciding whether to flag it. Do I look like I’m made of time to waste? Shut up.

[Poll #1098463]

I'd love to hear the reasons for why you've adopted one position or another in the comments, if you're inclined to explain.

And next chapter of Resurrection should be up tomorrow. (Insert standard form force majeure clause here.)
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It’s Friday afternoon, I probably have to work most of the weekend, and I am trying to work, but it’s so boring. Random curiosity prompts me to ask the following in a . . . (wait for it) Poll! (You knew that was coming.)

Although I never use emoticons in the many, many emails I write at work, even in the informal messages to people who are friends as well as fellow slaves workers, I can barely make a post or reply in LJ without using emoticons—although my regular repertoire is extremely limited. It basically consists of:

: ) and : ( and :p and ; ) and :D and *_* and :o and, occasionally ^^;.

I kind of find them essential shorthand in the absence of people being able to hear my actual tone. (Especially since I occasionally think I'm funny with the whole sarcasm/irony/dry wit thing and it can get me into trouble.) But I sometimes wonder if they just encourage me to be more lazy about expressing myself.

So that (and the whole extreme procrastination thing) brings me to:

[Poll #910014]

[ETA: Curse you typos! And you too, LJ, for not letting me edit!]

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So, on January 25, it will be one full year since I started smoking teh crack posted Resurrection, the first story in, well, the Resurrection series.

Since there’s no way I will be anywhere close to finishing the next story by then, but it seems a shame to have the anniversary of Lancelot’s return to the world pass unmarked (he’ll sulk), I thought it might be fun (and prudent) to do something. My first idea was to make you, the very nice readers, participate. Anyone interested? Write your own fic/drabble? Make an icon? Do a stick drawing? Tell a joke? Write a fashion review?

Therefore, I offer the following poll (and because polls=shiny!):

[Poll #907991]

Anyway, not a binding contract, but if a few of you are interested, it might be fun. : )
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Because I chortled with glee over the last one (yes, I am easily amused), and because I recently read someone complaining about dark backgrounds and light text as a page design, and because I don't want to torture anyone who's actually interested in reading something I might post: A poll.

Far less exciting than the title might suggest. But seriously, especially for those of you who are nice enough to read the longer posts behind the cuts (i.e., fics), does the format bother you? Personally, I like it because it's less glaring on the eyes, but I'm not really the one reading my posts.

Black on white or white on black? )

And, yes, I am procrastinating at work. Why do you ask?

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I was intent on procrastinating at work and curious to see how these things worked. Feel free to answer, ignore or berate my poor polling techniques. : ) If you intend to answer, I should mention that I'm just about finished with the next Resurrection story, if that makes any difference. I should also mention that as much as I love to be told what to do, and as easily persuadable as I've shown myself to be, no promises on anything--this writing stuff isn't entirely under my control, you know.

So, basically, I guess what I'm saying is that this exercise is even more useless than it looks. ; )

[Poll #668075]


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