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Yes, I persist. [ profile] flawsrevenge asked for 3D Camelot (which I kind of want now). Set in the same AU as Errant.

Building the Legend )
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Yeah, I'm still slowly doing these. [ profile] romanticalgirl asked for ""Do not go gentle into that good night."

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight )
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I think I forgot to post this one last week. For [ profile] fisher_queen who asked for Disney movies.

Arthur, tell us a story. )
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[ profile] enchantr asked for “birthday cake.” This could be viewed as a kind of response to Pie if you like.

It was not as if the knights were often invited to the Romans’ happy occasions. )
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[ profile] lessy37 aksed for “pie.” I took the idea of pie figuratively rather than literally. Fandom is King Arthur (not really a surprise, I'm guessing).

It might be a rock. )


Apr. 28th, 2008 05:30 pm
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I'm being horribly procrastinatory on all things. I also haven't written a word of fic in at least a month. So, to help get the creative juices flowing (or at least give me something else to procrastinate about), anyone want to give me drabble prompts?

Because I fancy myself in control:

(1) No scenarios, plots, questions, etc--words, quotes, images, phrases would be great;
(2) I get to pick the 'verse, although you can try making a suggestion if you have a preference (KA (movie, crack or myth) or greek mythology (yes, I'm supposedly still writing that));
(3) I think I'm going to do the 100 word limit thing, although I might not; and
(4) I am in the mood to procrastinate, and I'm slow, so no promises.

(Oh, look, shiny, a list!)

If anyone still wants to play, prompt away.


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