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Because it's the only hope (however benighted) of keeping me in check, here's my Big List of Shame for 2009. The BLoS is a list of all of the books I've acquired in the last few years that I haven't yet read (in theory anyway--I'm sure some have escaped listing). I seem to have developed a tradition of resetting it at the beginning of each year.

As of the date of this post, the BLoS stands at 39 books of fiction, 58 non-fiction (or 57--one is down). I eroded a lot of my progress in 2008 by going on a recent, huge book buying binge (I think I had 62 or so left on the 2008 list). If one were inclined, one might talk about a fear of success or self-sabotage; I do get anxious if there aren't piles of unread books collapsing in my living room.

We'll see how frightening this looks in another year (can you believe that'll be 2010?).

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Perhaps a real updatey type post later, but now I’m waiting for something at work, and so have decided this is a lull and I will update my Big List of Shame. It’s a little sad to delete all the books I've read, since they show progress amidst the madness (I had reached equilibrium between the read and unread tally at the end of the year). But a new year seems like a good time to clean it up, and I've gone on a mini buying spree recently--and I'm eyeing more. (Stop that!) I don’t think I’ve even added everything I purchased. ^^; Perhaps the sheer numbers here will have some impact on me, considering I have a few more books on this list than the total number of books I remember reading last year.

Big List of Shame 2008 )
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This is probably of little interest to anyone but me and my ongoing futile attempts to keep myself from buying a gazillion books, but here's a list of books I read this year. It is both somewhat impressive to me given my schedule, and yet also depressing given my grandiose appetites.

It's what I can figure out (did I really read nothing in January and February?), including some of the less than literary stuff that I don't usually bother to include in my shame lists (and most of which I've probably forgotten anyway). Except for some at the end, I think I've mentioned most of these somewhere in my journal, but if anyone wants commentary or recs, feel free to ask.

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Lj and I have only been nodding acquaintances recently, but I compiled this a while ago, yet didn't posted it because it scares me—as it should. There have been three apparently irresistible sales at internet sites I frequent, and I'm afraid I have no will power—and the busier I am at work, the less restraint I have. I've also combined my two previous lists, which go back to late 2005. As per previous practice, "candy" books not included, and this doesn't include books I've read that I acquired pre-shame list. But we won’t talk about the ratio of book read to books bought.

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Okay, no more book buying. I’m so serious.
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Because, you know, procrastination:

The first line of the first fic posted each month this year (not including 100 word drabbles).

Morning saw Arthur bleary-eyed but alert as he arrived at the training yard to meet his new command.
(Field Trip, King Arthur fandom, part of Rites of Passage series)

Inventorying supplies was no one’s favorite task, but as Gareth was wont to say, it beat slogging through the mud and being shot at by people who painted themselves blue.
(Supply and Demand, King Arthur Fandom, part of Rites of Passage series)

None (Vacation to Austria!)

Wild rage followed hard on the heels of reeling shock when the arrow punched through his chest.
( Myths Legends and Lies, King Arthur fandom, part of Resurrection (crack) series)

The fighting is long over by the time Achilleus returns to the Myrmidon camp.
(Scars, Achilleus/Patroklos, remember my 100 fic thing?)

None (work, I hate you)

Arthur ran his fingers through damp curls, his hand sliding downward to cup the fragile base of Lancelot's skull.
(Dangerous Games, King Arthur fandom, part of Resurrection (crack) series)

Tristan crouched in the dirt by the stable's outer wall, watching Lancelot.
(Totem, King Arthur fandom, Tristan and Lancelot, written for [ profile] darklyscarlett's birthday)

Arthur’s fingers tangled in dark curls as he struggled not to pull while holding his partner’s head against him.
(Quest, King Arthur fandom (and if you noticed the similarity to the first line of another story--hee!))

The battlefield was made of smoke and fire, the hellish sounds of the dying and wounded, the stink of blood and human butchery.
(Rude Awakenings, King Arthur fandom, part of Resurrection (crack) series)

When Arthur finally rose from his knees, it was only the ache in his joints that alerted him to the passage of time.
(Rituals and Observations, King Arthur, A/L, written for [ profile] lessy37's b-day)

None (yet?)

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I returned from my weekend away to find five packages waiting for me. Hurrah, right? But it bought home (hehe, get it?) to me that I've been a little--shall we say permissive in my recent book purchasing. So in an effort to change my behavior through those most effective of teachers, shame and guilt, I've decided to make myself compile a list of what I've bought over the last few months. Note that the list does not include manga, which I also buy with great enthusiasm, but somehow seem to lack in time to read . . . .

Anyway, I'm hoping that each time I'm ready to click that buy button at amazon (damn you, amazon prime free trial) I'll make myself review this list. I don't know if it'll stop me, but it's worth a try.

And anyone out there who wants to ridicule me, tell me I'm disturbed, or otherwise let me know they're gawping, please do, it might help. If, on the other hand, you're pshwing, thinking, that's nothing, you should see what I bought, please let me know that as well, because, well, validation of my bad habits is far better than trying to restrain myself . : )

The List )

And btw, I'm not even reading any of these books right now. I'm rereading the Iliad, which is going to take me a while. So really, no need for more reading material, right? But I really really want this.


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