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I'm probably the last person on the planet to have seen this, but in case I'm not, according to Marvel, Joe Biden is a Knight Rider fanboy! Hee!

Screen shot from the web comic (Obama meets Spiderman!) below the cut, the whole of which can be found here (after the President's Day edition).

Imposter!Obama has just left on his way to the inauguration! Will the Real!Obama and Biden be able to stop him in time!???

Scranton Joe Biden's drivin' now )
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Some reasons why I should never have made this Resurrection thing into a series, most of which illustrate Why Arthur should be the Once and Future King of America.

Pay no attention to the crazy girl behind the curtain. )

And, yes, I am procrastinating again. On several, diverse levels, even.

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Bwaaahhaha. I don't normally bother much with these things, but with a title like "Which Historical Lunatic Are You?" how could I resist? The questions themselves were enough to induce choking ("Were your final days replete with vast quantities of fruit or wigs?"--I have to figure out what that is about).

I'm Caligula!
Which Historical Lunatic Are You?
From the fecund loins of Rum and Monkey.

Hey, I'd be Caligula if it meant I got to sail around on those Nemi pleasure ships.

Here's their amusing bio of Caligula )

To illustrate that I'm also a present day lunatic, and speaking of fruit, I was trying to recall some Malory from the dim recesses of my brain, and wasn't there a story where someone tries to murder Gawain by poisoning apples? Apples were selected as the murder weapon because Gawain was apparently a notorious fancier of fruit. As I recall, Guinevere was throwing a party (to pretend she wasn't upset that she'd had yet another row with Lancelot--accusing him of being a slut because he was avoiding her after the Grail quest and rescuing damsels--and thrown him out of Camelot?). In an attempt to win over Gawain she had a lot of fruit on hand for him, which gave the cunning murderer his opportunity (but alas, there was at least one other knight who liked apples, so murder plot foiled again (and didn't the poor fruit-eater actually explode?) ).

I could be making all this up, but if I'm not, I wonder why it wasn't Gawain eating the apple in the movie? I don't recall any stories of Tristan and fruit. I suppose I could check the book, but as much as I love the stories, and as much as I love making fun of the language and pure crack-headedness of it all, the thought of wading through all 300 bazillion pages of Malory again is not appealing presently. And I guess all this would be supposing the filmmakers had gotten even the basic historical facts of their theory right, much less had the presence of mind to tease us with such references (but it still would have been cool to have Gawain eating the apple).


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