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Well, as a few of you have noticed, there's been no fic from me in over a year. I didn’t have the time, and then didn't seem to have the inclination. I literally have not written anything since March 2009. (For fun that is. I probably wrote over a thousand pages for work last year, which may have been a lot of the problem.)

I am thinking about the fic a little again. To find out if I can re-gleeify myself for it, I've gone back and started rereading this week (and man, is it long—I’m barely a quarter way through). But I guess the question I’m wondering about is, is it worth the effort? I'm a little OCD about finishing tasks I've set myself, but that's not a good enough reason to devote as much time and effort as this fic requires. Are you guys seriously still interested in this thing? I'm not looking for head patting here (or maybe I am a little), but genuine input. Fandoms are a fickle thing and people move on. As much as the act of writing has to be for my own enjoyment, I'd be lying if I said it didn't matter if anyone was interested and reading.

(Keep in mind, though, even if I do get myself to reengage on the fic, it will be awhile before I produce anything, given the novella length of the chapters and the ever-exciting vagrancies of work. And I'd have a lot of reading to do first.)

Crack news

Feb. 15th, 2009 03:18 pm
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First draft of new chapter of Resurrection is done. It needs major arse kicking editing, and who knows if I'll decide to add another scene or two, but the draft is done. Who'd have believed it would ever happen? It's only taken *mumble*.

I'm in my usual state of wavering between glee and disgust at it. Right now, it's longer than any other chapter except Rumors, which was a monster, and it's not that much shorter, at 25,000 words. Editing is going to make me cry.

No promises on when I'll be ready to post, but my tolerance for editing is not endless. So, if you don't remember what's been going on, it might be time to do some recollection refreshing. This chapter is heavy on plot (no wonder it took me so long to get it out), and, as usual, the chapter just picks up where the last one left off.

As much as I want to pummel the draft for being sucky, I'm kind of excited. This chapter has a lot of stuff in it that I've been working toward since when I first decided to make this into a series. Now that the end (of the chapter, not the series), is finally in sight, I'm anxious to see what you guys think. But first I have to finish it.
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If you've friended this journal, you might want to read the third paragraph if nothing else.

I’ve been pretty much AWOL lately, and haven’t been spending much time online at all. (So, if there’s something anyone wants me to know, please tell me/post a link in the comments, because I haven’t been keeping up.)

I’m still working on the next part of Resurrection (a/k/a teh crack). I was hoping to finish it by the end of the year, but it’s going slooowly and I don’t seem to have much time/energy for it, so that seems unlikely--although I‘m going to try to have at least a draft done (provided work doesn‘t decide to explode in my face). I’m up to about 20 pages, although they need severe rewriting. There are a bunch of things in this chapter that I’ve been building toward for ages, so hopefully when it’s done, it’ll be somewhat exciting. It’s funny--I think I originally figured I’d get to these plot points in something like the sixth part. Ha! I actually remember sitting in an airport awaiting my connection on my way back from Austria, o so many moons ago (after I had been prodded into making this a series and realized I probably couldn‘t just get away with making bad jokes), and coming up with these vague plotty things. (I think I was smirking to myself because people in the waiting area gave me a couple odd looks. Or maybe that was because they were just worried I was a terrorist.) Anyway, this just means that in addition to the usual agonizing I do when writing this stuff, there’s no pressure or anything.

Also, I haven’t been paying attention to the friending thing for a while. I think a couple people have friended me. If you’re one of them, and you want me to friend you back, you can post something here. If you want to be added to my personal filter (mostly me venting my rage about work and other stupidities, but not even that lately), let me know, but I tend not to do that unless you have an active journal. And at some point when I get around to it, I am going to prune my filters, which are kind of a mess. This means that if you’ve haven’t commented much but are currently friended and included in the filter, I might defilter you on the assumption that you’re here for the fic (when I post any), which is all public. So, if you’re the quiet type, but don’t want to be defiltered, I’m afraid this is your chance to speak up. If you you aren't sure whether you're filtered and/or likely to be defiltered and care one way or the other, feel free to ask.

Ok, complete random change of topic: in one of the last posts I managed to make, the one after September 11, I quoted from a book by Rashid Khalidi, who is Middle Eastern scholar of moderate bent. I just recently saw this. You know, I do find it infuriating that even the hint of being critical of Israel in this country is enough to brand you as evil. I find this comment, made by a student, telling: "'It should have been like, yes, I know him, and I’d like to know more Middle East experts, because that’s an important thing when you’re making policies.’” How the hell are you ever going to begin to address the situation unless you can acknowledge the positions of both sides? It’s absolutely essential as a starting point--unless, of course, your ultimate policy is actually genocide.

And so what if Mr. Khalidi had babysat Obama’s kids? What’s wrong with the concept? The Colin Powell line seems to be the one to take here, not a simple denial. (And, to my mind, whatever else he’s done that I despise, Powell has completely redeemed himself in my eyes. He’s the only major political figure I’ve heard who’s made the point that I’ve felt like screaming since this whole Obama-is-a-Muslim stuff began.)

And also, btw, if anyone is interested in reading something from the non-Israeli perspective, I just finished Palestinian Walks, which is beautiful book about the landscape of Palestine and the change that Israel’s policies have wrought. It gives some sense of what it means to live in the occupied West Bank. I also read Let It Be Morning, a novel set in a Palestinian village in Israel just before the Oslo Accords were signed. Both are recommended.

And speaking of books, I’ haven’t bought a book in at least a month (I think). That’s pretty scary (and has nothing to do with the frightening state of the economy, since I‘ll forgo food before reading material). Consider it my contribution to the Halloween thing, since I worked late yesterday, did not dress up, ate no candy, gave no candy away, and played no tricks. I’m determined to make a good dent in my Big List of Shame. I’m actually down to under 20 books on my fiction list (we won’t mention the nonfiction). This, if you know anything about me, is pretty much unprecedented.
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I’m really being quite lazy about LJ and such, but I have started working on some of the prompts I got (if anyone else wants to play, feel free--although see disclaimers ;) ).

Some preliminary notes:

· A number of you seem to really want to force me to write Resurrection, a/k/a teh crack. (Birthday cake? Pie? Disney?) But I rarely do what I’m told.

· Food seems to be a theme. Or least I think it is.

· I don’t think any of these is going to be 100 words. Maybe.

In other random news, I suspended my no sugar rule long enough to try wild cherry m&ms. They were not quite as awesome as I was hoping, but not bad. If I can just get my hands on the mint crisp ones, my life might just be complete.


Apr. 28th, 2008 05:30 pm
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I'm being horribly procrastinatory on all things. I also haven't written a word of fic in at least a month. So, to help get the creative juices flowing (or at least give me something else to procrastinate about), anyone want to give me drabble prompts?

Because I fancy myself in control:

(1) No scenarios, plots, questions, etc--words, quotes, images, phrases would be great;
(2) I get to pick the 'verse, although you can try making a suggestion if you have a preference (KA (movie, crack or myth) or greek mythology (yes, I'm supposedly still writing that));
(3) I think I'm going to do the 100 word limit thing, although I might not; and
(4) I am in the mood to procrastinate, and I'm slow, so no promises.

(Oh, look, shiny, a list!)

If anyone still wants to play, prompt away.
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I did this last year, and so it seems to be a tradition, or something. I'm actually a little sad to see how little I wrote, billions of pages of teh crack aside. All King Arthur fic. I really need to get back into the Greek mythology. Maybe I should reread the Iliad again . . . .

The first line of the first fic posted each month this year:

January. Words Unspoken:
Arthur was nearly asleep when he felt Lancelot lay down beside him.

February. Half Awake:
Lancelot woke with a start, unsure of where he was.

March. Untitled Resurrection ficlet:
Lancelot was watching Arthur and not bothering to hide it.

April. First Impressions (drabble):
They’d had so many commanders that Bors joked it was pointless to learn names: "Call’em sir to their faces; bastards to their backs."

May. In Twilight’s Kingdom:
Lancelot stood on a wide plain, listening to the wind moving through the swaying sea of grass.

June. None, except some Resurrection question memes. The first one of the month began:
The first time Lancelot drank coffee, everyone was very sorry (except him).

July. Prelude:
Arthur sat slumped in a dark corner of the tavern, as indifferent to the soldiers carousing around him as they were to him.

August. The Coming of Spring (drabble):
They watch for them.

September. None

October. None

November. None

December. Rumors of War (see, I was working on something!):
The trip back from Eboracum passed as a gray haze, punctured by occasional small flares of dread at the sight of each landmark signaling their progress toward Badon Hill.

Not quite as exciting as I would have liked, but it’s certainly too late to change it. May next year bring more time and inspiration for fun with words.
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I think I've just finished a rough first draft of the next chapter of Resurrection. (!) Yes, finally. The lost scenes have been replaced (after much pathetic whining and gnashing of teeth) and they're no doubt better in some ways and worse in others than the originals. I think I still need to fill in some stuff, there might be one or two scenes to add that I haven't figured out yet, and, of course, it all sucks, so there's going to be a lot of rewriting, but it now has a beginning and an end and about 45 pages of middle. I'll be a while longer, but there's a hint of light at the end of the tunnel. Hee!

(And thanks to all of you who were so nice when I was having my frothing-at-the-mouth moments over my lost draft.)

So, in the hope that it might urge me on, a meme borrowed from [ profile] starry_diadem if you care to play:

What would you say are the trademarks of my writing? What themes or quirks or turns of phrase have you noticed? What is it that makes a story by me - well, a story by me?

I myself would say a stubborn need to throw in every bad joke I can think of, but you decide.

And brr, it's finally cold. After ending up feeling like a popsicle yesterday, I wore a coat today for the first time this so-called fall.
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I have about 36 pages of very cracked crack drafted. Of course, it sucks and everything needs to be rewritten, and I have to add in a bunch more things, and I’m sure I’m forgetting yet more things that I have to put in, and I’m not even near the place where I thought this chapter would end. (But maybe that last thing needs to be seriously reconsidered.) But, I am working on it. Hurrah?

So, will Lancelot wake up with amnesia? Will the identity of the green-eyed man be revealed--and will he be . . . Clive Owen? Will Galahad buy that Prada headband he’s been eyeing? Will Tor finally get to eat some donuts? Will Ms. Delaney get her revenge? Will Merlin finally drink one cup of tea too many? Will Gawain convert to a radical sect of Mormonism? Will Bruenor get to cook--naked? At this point, your guesses are still as good as mine. Pretty much. Place your bets.
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Some of you might be wondering what the heck I’m doing about the next chapter or Resurrection (or maybe you’ve forgotten about it--but humor me). I am working on it, although, unfortunately, it’s been slow going. Work has been particularly nasty this year, and so I haven’t had much time or brain-power left over for playing, and teh crack does require quite a bit of concentration to write--as well as time to come up with crazy schemes in my head. (It’s not infrequently that I fantasize about having a job involving mindless, repetitive actions. Of course, then I’d probably really go insane.)

But I am working on it. I’ve got about 10 pages of a draft done so far, and although I’m fairly convinced they suck, I haven’t deleted them yet. After a hiatus of unknown scope, I worked on it for a few hours this weekend, and I’m hoping to be able to put some time into it and get it moving. So, brace yourselves for the potential of random, self-pitying posts about page counts and how much the characters hate me--if I’m lucky.

If anyone is inclined to give me a little push, I’d love to hear what you guy think should happen in the next chapter (crazy speculation is love). That is, if anyone even remember where I left off.
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Perhaps because I'm strange (shut up), or maybe because I’m easily amused, but as the Resurrection chapters started to get longer, I started playing around with the idea of having a concept—let’s call it a theme—for each of them. If nothing else, it was to help me come up with a title, although that didn't tend to work too well (I suck at titles).

The theme could be anything, and it varied from fic to fic. Usually it changed and developed as I worked on a fic, and sometimes I ended up dropping it as I wrote—it would fall apart by the time I’d finished, or was underdeveloped, or existed only in my own deluded head. In this last fic, I pretty much carried it through, so I thought it might be fun (at least for me) to talk a bit about it.

I don’t advise clicking below if you haven’t read In Twilight's Kingdom. One, it contains spoilers. Two, it won’t make any sense. If you have read and want to play along, guess the “theme” before you click. Come on, it’ll be fun. No, really :p

Cut for spoilers for In Twilight's Kingdom )
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You are all fired. I was checking something in the last chapter of Resurrection yesterday and found a huge, horrible, ugly typo in the climactic, supposedly o so dramatic, last paragraphs. *headdeskheaddeskheaddesk*

You're supposed to point these things out to me, you know. (And for those of you who didn't see it, no, I'm not going to tell you what it was.)

Otherwise, I am at a happy place right now with the writing, where all things still seem possible. Soon enough, however, I will be back to yanking out my hair in big handfuls.

Okay, back to work. (But you are all still so fired.)
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Because, you know, procrastination:

The first line of the first fic posted each month this year (not including 100 word drabbles).

Morning saw Arthur bleary-eyed but alert as he arrived at the training yard to meet his new command.
(Field Trip, King Arthur fandom, part of Rites of Passage series)

Inventorying supplies was no one’s favorite task, but as Gareth was wont to say, it beat slogging through the mud and being shot at by people who painted themselves blue.
(Supply and Demand, King Arthur Fandom, part of Rites of Passage series)

None (Vacation to Austria!)

Wild rage followed hard on the heels of reeling shock when the arrow punched through his chest.
( Myths Legends and Lies, King Arthur fandom, part of Resurrection (crack) series)

The fighting is long over by the time Achilleus returns to the Myrmidon camp.
(Scars, Achilleus/Patroklos, remember my 100 fic thing?)

None (work, I hate you)

Arthur ran his fingers through damp curls, his hand sliding downward to cup the fragile base of Lancelot's skull.
(Dangerous Games, King Arthur fandom, part of Resurrection (crack) series)

Tristan crouched in the dirt by the stable's outer wall, watching Lancelot.
(Totem, King Arthur fandom, Tristan and Lancelot, written for [ profile] darklyscarlett's birthday)

Arthur’s fingers tangled in dark curls as he struggled not to pull while holding his partner’s head against him.
(Quest, King Arthur fandom (and if you noticed the similarity to the first line of another story--hee!))

The battlefield was made of smoke and fire, the hellish sounds of the dying and wounded, the stink of blood and human butchery.
(Rude Awakenings, King Arthur fandom, part of Resurrection (crack) series)

When Arthur finally rose from his knees, it was only the ache in his joints that alerted him to the passage of time.
(Rituals and Observations, King Arthur, A/L, written for [ profile] lessy37's b-day)

None (yet?)

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Dear crack smok readers,

I need some motivation (or a kick in the arse).

Teh Crack is under development, but I'm currently feeling blah and listless about it. It is not feeling shiny or sparkly, or maybe it's me who is not feeling shiny and sparkly. So, if you're inclined, tell me things. What do you imagine happening? What do you want to have happen? What do you not want to have happen? Who do want to see more of out of my cast of thousands (okay, 50)? Who do you want to see less of? What did you hate, and never want me to do again? What are you curious about? Who do you wish I would kill off?

Tell me anything.


Your shameless dealer.

[Disclaimer: The dealer makes no promises to do what she's told, in fact she will doubtlessly be planning to do the exact opposite.]

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Not to complain (she said as a preface to complaining) but by way of background and to warn as to my current state of mind: I have pretty much not slept in two days, written 30 pages of complicated, technical, difficult mumbo jumbo, had to hold the hands of and deal with the drama of 3 different minions, and I'm now sitting here waiting for the Man in Charge's comments on the document I sent to him in a haze of delirium this morning just before the sun rose.

And so while I've been sitting here staring at documents that have long since ceased to make any sense to me (not sure if they ever did), I've been thinking (and I do use that term loosely) about all the things I'd rather be doing, and so I was thinking to myself--is teh crack getting too long and drawn out?

As I have no doubt frequently pointed out, teh crack was suppose to be a one-shot deal (and you know who’s to blame for changing that) so it’s not like I went in with a plan. But even once I started plotting, I never really had a sense of how looong it would be—and right now it's not that close to the end of where I'm thinking it's going to go.

Is the fun being to get a bit old and tarnished? Well, not so far for me I don’t think—even though I complain and moan about it (and hate editing), I enjoy writing it, and that should probably be answer enough. But on the other hand, I've seen many a story both fan and pro (and why would you think I'm looking at you Mr. Jordan?) which was ruined by just being dragged out (and out). Anyway, this is a long winded way of saying that I'm wondering if I need to cut back and actually get from point C to Z in a quicker way. Also, writing these stories has become increasingly complicated and time consuming, so if they're becoming a drag, I have plenty of other things I should be doing.

Anyway, as I warned when I started out, brain isn't really working right now, but I'm too tired to do anything productive, so I throw that out there. I should probably add that I, like every human, adore nice things being said, but I'm not really after that here--I'm really wondering whether I should be trying to wrap up teh crack more quickly than I have been moving (I think the last 70 pages or so covered like 3 days or something).

Okay, I need more coffee (although I think that might actually do more harm than good at this point). Feel free to ignore (esp if I’m making no sense, since really, that’s quite possible anytime, but especially so right now) or to chime in if you like.

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Some reasons why I should never have made this Resurrection thing into a series, most of which illustrate Why Arthur should be the Once and Future King of America.

Pay no attention to the crazy girl behind the curtain. )

And, yes, I am procrastinating again. On several, diverse levels, even.


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