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As threatened, my list of Historical Females Made of Awesome in honor of Women's History Month (I'm ignoring the "National" part).

There's no way for this list to be complete, so it is a rather randomly selected sampling based on my own interests. My only rules here were that there had to be a basis for believing that the woman actually existed, and no one who was still living. I've provided descriptions or not, depending mostly on my whim and how well-known I thought the woman was.

Historical Females Made of Awesome )

Celebrate! What's your list?
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I grew up reading a lot of adventure stories, fairy tales and myths, and I was one of those girls who generally identified far more with the male characters than female--because, really, it was the male characters who got to do the fun things. March is Women's History Month, and so here is my random list of fictional females that I grew up loving. Not history you say? Ah, but it's my history, and I am female, ergo . . . .

Okay, some disclaimers/explanations: It's not meant to be any kind of feminist empowerment theory list, but is strictly based on my own personal quirks and exposures. And it's by no means complete, since, well, I'm just forgetful that way. I'm also not including any contemporary works (which is probably far, far richer territory), but stuff that I saw/read in my more formative years--for the most part. In no partiular order:

The list )

Mmm. Sadly, that was a lot harder than I thought, and I'm rather hoping I'm just being really forgetful.

So who are yours?

A little more on point, coming soon (maybe): Historical Women Made of Awesome.


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