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Yes, yes subway scare. I am ashamed to admit that I did not take the subway over those days (except once, off peak hours). My mom called me at work as the announcement was made and made me promise I wouldn't.

So I've been taking the bus (which is really, truly a pain in the ass) and feeling ashamed of myself. Never mind that it turned out to be a dubious threat at best, but damn it, I don't want to let this type of thing change my everyday behavior. Easier said than done, though, parental duress aside. I take one of the busiest subway lines, an express line that goes pretty far underground, and the thought, not of dying, but of simply being stuck on one of those trains is enough to make me think I may be claustrophobic. So, I took the bus.

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When I was in fifth (or maybe sixth? fourth?) grade I read my first Gordon Korman book. I thought it was the funniest thing ever. I think I even did an oral book report on I Want to Go Home. On a drive to LA, my sister, her friend and I took turns and read the entire book out loud and giggled the whole time. (My parents were amused, but also slightly disturbed. But I suppose they thought it was no more strange than our practice of yelling "Ah, oh la la" every time we saw a horse. No, I don't remember the why behind that.)

I had my own copy of I Want to Go Home, but his other books I checked out of the library. In my so-called adult life, where I've been given unfettered access to a credit card and someone invented this internet thing and then invented this amazon used books thing, I've been buying a few nostalgia books. Some of GK's books have been among my acquisitions. So there I am, reading The War with Mr. Wizzle on a few subway rides. How can you not grin? How can you not bite your lip to try (unsucessfully) to contain the snickering? I ask you, really.

And in a side note, what the heck happened to GK anyway? Back when I was a kid every book was great, but it seems he isn't writing those types of books anymore. Did he loose his inner smart ass or is it the pressure of commercialism? Either way, it's a sad, sad thing.


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