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Title: Scars

Warnings: slash

Characters: Achilleus/Patroklos

Summary: When Patroklos is hurt, it is Achilleus who bleeds.

Notes: For [ profile] fanfic100 prompt 50 "touch." My table is here. And no, I haven’t given up on this—only 96 or so more to go.

Scars )

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Title: Fallow
Warnings: slash
Characters: Achilleus/Patroklos
Summary: Achilleus is annoyed; Patroklos contemplates alternative career paths.
Notes: For [ profile] fanfic100 prompt 50 "spade." My table is here. General notes are here.

Fallow )

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Apparently shame is less of a factor in my life than ever, because I have continued to run around buying books as though I have nothing but leisure to read them. They're for research, I tell myself. Um. Yeah.

One of my recent purchases was this. (Shut up, I got it used.) Coolest thing ever (okay, maybe not ever, but close).

In writing Manslayer and thinking about the rest of the oh, 98 stories I'm supposed to write, I've gone through and tried to untangle Achilleus and Patroklos's family tree. Greek mythology genealogy is like a Gordian knot made of gum (if you tried to cut through it with a sword, your sword would just get stuck). Amazingly, the writers of the movie Troy, whom I'm told made Achilleus and Patroklos cousins, to the indignation of many, were not exactly right, but not completely off their heads either. Click here for geeky obsessiveness about mythical family trees. )

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Title: Manslayer
Warnings: None
Notes: For [ profile] fanfic100 prompt 1 "Beginnings." Claim is for Patroklos, from Greek mythology. My table is here. For the curious or bored, notes regarding this fic appear at the end of the story. General notes are here. However one note feels like it should be made up front: "Ligyron" is Achilleus' childhood name.

Manslayer )

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Title: Agon
Warnings: None
Notes: For [ profile] fanfic100 prompt 16 “purple.” The claim is Patroklos. My table is here. Some notes for the extremely curious or the very bored appear at the end. General notes are here.

Agon )

Notes )

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Because I am crazy and because the divine powers have little pity for those who willingly launch themselves into the abyss, my claim over at [ profile] fanfic100 was accepted. I'm now owing the universe 100 fics about Patroklos. Go me.

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