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As threatened, my list of Historical Females Made of Awesome in honor of Women's History Month (I'm ignoring the "National" part).

There's no way for this list to be complete, so it is a rather randomly selected sampling based on my own interests. My only rules here were that there had to be a basis for believing that the woman actually existed, and no one who was still living. I've provided descriptions or not, depending mostly on my whim and how well-known I thought the woman was.

Historical Females Made of Awesome )

Celebrate! What's your list?
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Band of Brothers musings. )

In other news, I finally installed the memory I had bought months ago for my aging laptop. I've never done anything like this before, so I've been putting it off out of fear (and of course laziness). There were some tears and some screaming and the first five tries resulted in failure and I very nearly gave up, but eventually I got it to work. BTW, when a manual says that "you may encounter some resistance" in getting a part to slide into a slot, interpret that to mean you have to push hard enough that you're sure the whole thing is going to break off, and then push even harder than that. Oh, and if you can't get the new memory chip to fit, never take out the other memory chip in order to see how that one works--you'll be left with two chips that won't fit in place and a computer that instead of just being slow, will not work at all.

My fingers actually hurt now.
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I should be cleaning my apartment, so naturally I'm delving into early Church heresies instead.

I have whined a lot about how Arthur’s philosophies are anachronistic. Here is a long, obscure attempt to explain why, which discusses things like the Council of Carthage. Mostly it’s about Pelagianism. You have been warned. )


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