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If you've friended this journal, you might want to read the third paragraph if nothing else.

I’ve been pretty much AWOL lately, and haven’t been spending much time online at all. (So, if there’s something anyone wants me to know, please tell me/post a link in the comments, because I haven’t been keeping up.)

I’m still working on the next part of Resurrection (a/k/a teh crack). I was hoping to finish it by the end of the year, but it’s going slooowly and I don’t seem to have much time/energy for it, so that seems unlikely--although I‘m going to try to have at least a draft done (provided work doesn‘t decide to explode in my face). I’m up to about 20 pages, although they need severe rewriting. There are a bunch of things in this chapter that I’ve been building toward for ages, so hopefully when it’s done, it’ll be somewhat exciting. It’s funny--I think I originally figured I’d get to these plot points in something like the sixth part. Ha! I actually remember sitting in an airport awaiting my connection on my way back from Austria, o so many moons ago (after I had been prodded into making this a series and realized I probably couldn‘t just get away with making bad jokes), and coming up with these vague plotty things. (I think I was smirking to myself because people in the waiting area gave me a couple odd looks. Or maybe that was because they were just worried I was a terrorist.) Anyway, this just means that in addition to the usual agonizing I do when writing this stuff, there’s no pressure or anything.

Also, I haven’t been paying attention to the friending thing for a while. I think a couple people have friended me. If you’re one of them, and you want me to friend you back, you can post something here. If you want to be added to my personal filter (mostly me venting my rage about work and other stupidities, but not even that lately), let me know, but I tend not to do that unless you have an active journal. And at some point when I get around to it, I am going to prune my filters, which are kind of a mess. This means that if you’ve haven’t commented much but are currently friended and included in the filter, I might defilter you on the assumption that you’re here for the fic (when I post any), which is all public. So, if you’re the quiet type, but don’t want to be defiltered, I’m afraid this is your chance to speak up. If you you aren't sure whether you're filtered and/or likely to be defiltered and care one way or the other, feel free to ask.

Ok, complete random change of topic: in one of the last posts I managed to make, the one after September 11, I quoted from a book by Rashid Khalidi, who is Middle Eastern scholar of moderate bent. I just recently saw this. You know, I do find it infuriating that even the hint of being critical of Israel in this country is enough to brand you as evil. I find this comment, made by a student, telling: "'It should have been like, yes, I know him, and I’d like to know more Middle East experts, because that’s an important thing when you’re making policies.’” How the hell are you ever going to begin to address the situation unless you can acknowledge the positions of both sides? It’s absolutely essential as a starting point--unless, of course, your ultimate policy is actually genocide.

And so what if Mr. Khalidi had babysat Obama’s kids? What’s wrong with the concept? The Colin Powell line seems to be the one to take here, not a simple denial. (And, to my mind, whatever else he’s done that I despise, Powell has completely redeemed himself in my eyes. He’s the only major political figure I’ve heard who’s made the point that I’ve felt like screaming since this whole Obama-is-a-Muslim stuff began.)

And also, btw, if anyone is interested in reading something from the non-Israeli perspective, I just finished Palestinian Walks, which is beautiful book about the landscape of Palestine and the change that Israel’s policies have wrought. It gives some sense of what it means to live in the occupied West Bank. I also read Let It Be Morning, a novel set in a Palestinian village in Israel just before the Oslo Accords were signed. Both are recommended.

And speaking of books, I’ haven’t bought a book in at least a month (I think). That’s pretty scary (and has nothing to do with the frightening state of the economy, since I‘ll forgo food before reading material). Consider it my contribution to the Halloween thing, since I worked late yesterday, did not dress up, ate no candy, gave no candy away, and played no tricks. I’m determined to make a good dent in my Big List of Shame. I’m actually down to under 20 books on my fiction list (we won’t mention the nonfiction). This, if you know anything about me, is pretty much unprecedented.
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Because I'm busy and sleep deprived, it seems the perfect time to do this.

As relatively small as my friends list is, I realized I don't "talk" to some of you at all. Part of it (beyond busyness/laziness), at least on my part, is that we haven't really been introduced, as the friending was probably done in a silent exchange. So, even when I read your posts, I feel a bit weird just butting in and commenting.

So, here's the Grand Idea: if you feel like it (no pressure), post here and say "hi" (literally, that's cool, or if you're inclined, you can do more of an introduction, say something about why you friended, discuss the weather, or really whatever you want), and then you might have me cropping up on occasion in your comments (since now we've met :D ). Of course, if you’re just here for the fic, and would rather not subject yourself to that, no worries—although I suppose you could post here to complain about why I’m making posts like this rather than actually, you know, writing. ; )

If I know you already, don't feel left out--if you're bored, feel free to post here too, even it's just to tell me what a weirdo I am or to tell me something interesting about yourself that I don’t know, or to inquire why it is I don't respond to your posts either.

Also, if there is anyone out there who does read this journal and is not "friended," as always, feel free to friend (no questions actually asked), and/or now would be an ideal time to introduce yourself. :P

So despite the no pressure thing, it would be cool if someone did respond here, because, you know, otherwise I look kind of stoopid. You wouldn't want that would you?
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I don't think anyone will much notice, but I have started to friends-lock many of my old journal entries. Moving forward I may be f-locking entries that mention my personal life--either when I post or shortly thereafter.

Why? Well, certainly not out of any sense of megalomania. ; ) But I've been reading too many articles about privacy and the internet and it's making me a little crazy. So, doing this might improve my mental health. (And note that I said "might"--actually it's likely I will continue on as unbalanced as ever.) : ) Anyway, I don't think this will make all that much difference to anyone--but if there's someone who is interested in reading this journal and has not friended it, they might start missing more entries than before. Also, I guess friends are going to need to be logged in to read f-locked entries.

I should probably mention that anyone is free to friend me who so desires. I will usually friend back as soon as I notice.

As for fic, I'm not currently planning to lock any of it, although that might change at some point.

If anyone has any complaints, questions or a desire to tell me I'm being more crazy than usual, please do express yourself. : )

Edit: I forgot to say that if there’s anyone on my friends list who does NOT want to get the personal posts, I can filter you out if you just let me know (and I won’t be at all offended by the request).


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