Dec. 1st, 2007 11:39 am
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I’m curious. I’ve just seen the information of LJ’s latest attempt to cover its arse be a responsible hoster of internet content. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, see here. In brief, LJ has added a feature that allows you to rate your content. Such content will be hidden behind a warning link and no one who‘s logged in as minor can view it. The part that’s really annoying people is the ability for anyone to flag other’s posts as inappropriate.

I realize that there’s been a lot of discussion in many places about it already, but I’m interested in what you, O Mighty Friends List, are planning to do and why.

I’m not completely decided, although I will probably end up flagging some of my fic--eventually. On one hand, as an attorney, I do appreciate what LJ is trying to do, although their execution, as always, leaves something to be desired, especially this public policing function. As a user, I’m a little annoyed, actually. This is clearly meant as a purely legal CYA, despite the whole “Think of the children!” hand wringing. There’s nothing to stop a minor from viewing the post when she’s not logged in. This, however, is a problem without an easy solution if you‘re going to go LJ‘s chosen route, since otherwise you ban all non-lj account-holders from viewing the flagged content, which to me would be unacceptable and a reason not to bother with the flags. Also, I don’t view my fic as being all that explicit, and arbitrarily deciding what qualifies as “Adult Concepts” or “Explicit Adult Content” irritates me. I’m not enthused by the prospect of actually having to go back and remember what’s in each fic and deciding whether to flag it. Do I look like I’m made of time to waste? Shut up.

[Poll #1098463]

I'd love to hear the reasons for why you've adopted one position or another in the comments, if you're inclined to explain.

And next chapter of Resurrection should be up tomorrow. (Insert standard form force majeure clause here.)


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