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Congratulations to [ profile] fisher_queen for winning the Crackiversary Party Game!!! She got an incredibly cracktastic score of 20.5 out of a possible 23 points. Not shabby at all--it's better than I would have done! (Tor, btw, only got 11 right, even though he ran around the house accosting people and demanding to know what a "Barlow" was. He eventually, perhaps inevitably, settled on "food" as his answer. Kay, who was quizmaster here, had to give a moments thought before deciding that was worth partial credit.)

[ profile] fisher_queen, I'll be contacting you about your prizes, so think about what name and characteristics you want for your crack appearance. I also planned a super sekrit prize for all the party game participants, which is a look at the draft of a scene from the near-mythological next chapter. As [ profile] fisher_queen was the only actual participant, she gets the exclusive peek (no sharing!--although you can gloat as you feel is warranted).

I have to admit, though, that I was rather sad about the overall lack of interest in the crackiversary festivities. (At least I didn't go with my original I-am-crazy-and-have-no-need-sleep idea to do a crackiversary crossword puzzle.) Live and learn.
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Another Crackiversary has come and gone, but the knights are still partying hard (much to Arthur's chagrin--you should see the mess they've made).

If you want to play the Crackiversary Party Game (and you know you do) there's still time, but your answers are due tomorrow, let's say at midnight EST. However, if anyone wants an extension until Saturday, I think I can convince Kay, who's grading the papers. Just let me know.

Also, although personally I think it would be more fun to try to answer the questions off the top of your head (Tor says he's the answer to every question, btw), I will point out at the following tags. Resurrection fic will take you to the chapters of the story along with any interludes, crackiversary fic, etc. The resurrection au tag will take you to just about everything I've ever said about teh crack, including memes and Q&As.
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It's been three years now since I first posted the first fic in what became the Resurrection monster series. I would never have believed at the time that I'd still be at it three years later (it was supposed to be a one off!). To celebrate the occasion we have:

Crackiversary fic. It's a lot longer than I had planned, but the knights have been getting restless.

A Crackiversary Party Game! (Go play. Or else. Tristan says so. And you don't want to make him mad, do you?)

A Crackiversary Play List.

So enjoy! Lancelot insists that you do--he's expecting gifts so, um . . . (run).
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Resurrection Day Plus 3: A Day in the Life at D’Aubigny Manor

Eighty-eight lines A lot more damned words than I was planning about forty-four women thirty-nine knights, plus an Arthur.

Crackiversary! )
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Ever wanted a chance to make use of your vast knowledge of the Crackiverse? Well, here’s your opportunity. Answer the questions below in the comments and prove your bona fides as a crackhead.

Prizes? I did promise prizes didn’t I? Get 12 points and I’ll link you to a download of a majority of the songs on the Crackiversary Play List (about a third of them I only have as protected files, so those can’t be uploaded). Whoever gets the most questions right—what, bragging rights aren’t enough for you?—will get a walk on role in the fic. (Some of you suggested Lancelot as a prize, but, after legal consultation, unfortunately, I’m not insured for the liability issues that raises.)

This is open book, and everything ever written about teh crack is fair game (no looking at your neighbors' paper, though, comments are screened). Have your answers up by Thursday, January 29. Winners will be announced on Saturday, January 31.

Have fun!

ETA: The Crackiversary game is over, and congrats to [ profile] fisher_queen for winning! The correct answers to the game appear below in the comments.

Get your pencils ready )
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I don’t know why it took me three years to think of this, but what’s a party without music? Here are some of the songs I’ve been listening to over the last three years while I’ve been working on teh crack. Most of them have lyrics that have some connection for me to the fic itself, even if it might be an obscure one, but most are fairly obvious. (Some might even hold clues ;) ). One song per month. If you guys like this, we’ll do it again next year, because there are a lot more songs, and it’s pretty unlikely I’ll be done . . . .

(Songs aren't familar? Want to have a listen? Go play the Crackiversary Party Game.)

First Resurrection Play List )
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Well, it seems like the people--or the one's who've missed smoking anyway--have spoken, and while the tie was broken, there was enough interest that I'm going to do my best to do a crackiverary fic. (I really am on crack and apparently quite open to suggestion as well. I probably don't need to remind some of you that's how I got myself into this mess in the first place. And if you think I'm looking at you, I probably am.)

There was less interest in me answering reader questions. Still, if anyone wants to, go ahead and post them in the comments. I'm not going to promise that I'll answer all of them, but I'll do my best with any that are asked by Wednesday.

There will also be-for the first time ever!--a crackiversary party game. You are all expected to play. There will be prizes. Come on, prizes!
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Crackiversary poll is still running (go have your say if you’re inclined). For those of you who’ve had your say already, I love you people, but you’re also crazy. We currently have a tie between wanting crackiversary fic and telling me to stop procrastinating on the next chapter—many of you taking the opportunity to vote for both. Apparently, it isn't clear that writing crackiversary fic is procrastination on the chapter, but whatever. ;)
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So, it’s only something like 11 days until the third Crackiversary.* Hard to believe, for me at least. This year wasn’t a good one for teh crack, since the last actual chapter appeared in December 2007. How that happened, I’m really not quite sure, but I am working on the next chapter, which is 30 plus pages at present, but still has a ways to go.

I have developed a sort of tradition of Crackiversary celebration, but I’m not sure what to do this year, considering the lack of progress. So I guess I’ll leave it to you guys. Are you interested in me doing something this year? If you want to see what’s happened on previous Crackiversarys, you can click the Crackiversary tag. I'm pretty busy these days, so if there's not much interest, I probably won't do anything. So, cause you know I think they're shiny, poll!

[Poll #1331072]

As always, regardless of what I end up dong, if anyone is inclined to do a crackiversary gift of their own, feel free.

*Crackiversary=the anniversary of the date I posted what became the first chapter of the eponymous series Resurrection.
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[ profile] enemyfrigate wrote what I'll call an AU AU for the Resurrection series for the crackiversary! It's narrated by Lancelot's sister after Lancelot has been conscripted, and, while it makes some interesting use of my ideas and themes from the series, I think it stands really well on its own (although why would you be reading this post if you're not reading teh crack?--although I suppose all things are possible).

Anyway, I think you should all go read it!
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[ profile] darklyscarlett sent me this link to a a story from The Sun, published on the crackiversary.

Too funny! (And Tor nearly wet himself laughing when he saw it. Percival tried to shrug it off, but he did pick a fight with Tor afterward. Unlike their usual confrontations, where no clear winner emerges, Percy won this one, since Tor couldn't defend himself--he was still laughing too hard.)
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(Posting tonight after midnight, since I'm not sure what my day tomorrow will be like. )

It’s two years today since I posted the first story in teh crack saga Resurrection. When I wrote the first little snippet, I never intended to write a sequel, much less a series, but here we are 131,500 words and 15 (only counting the main body) fics later.

Many thanks to [ profile] livigiano, who drew this lovely picture of our anti-hero for the occasion. Thanks again Livi!

Also [ profile] lessy37, who always makes such wonderful icons, made me some updated icons for the new year (never thought I'd still be writing this in 2008 *_*), one of which adorns this post. Thanks Lessy!

For my part, you'll find a crackiversary fic here, and you'll find my "answers" to the questions I was asked about the series here.

If anyone has anything they want to share, feel free to post in the comments to this post.

Happy crackiversary to one and all. :D
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Happy Crackiversary! In honor of the occasion, we go back to the beginning and pure, unadulterated (I hope), old school crack. ;) I was going to call this a ficlet, until I realized that it was longer than the first two stories of the series, and nearly as long as the third. Ah, the good old days.

The second morning after Lancelot woke up . . . .

Resurrection Day Plus Two )
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In the spirit of the Crackiversary, I opened the floor to any questions you guys wanted to ask. I’m really honored that some of you took the time to come up with questions. But it turns out that this was not one of my better ideas, since, of course, now I’m not really going to answer most of the questions. If the U.S. primaries haven’t made you utterly sick of the whole dodging the question thing, here are the questions and my often not so answering answers. Enjoy. ;)

Crackiversary Q&A )
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I'm no doubt suffering delusions of grandeur (I provide hours of amusement for myself that way), but if anyone else wants to ask questions for the crackiversary, I'll extend the deadline for one more day, until the end of the weekend. If you have anything you'd like to ask, go here.

Also, o all knowing friends' list, does anyone want to suggest a favorite men's shoe that is ridiculously expensive yet tasteful? Something to wear with a three thousand dollar suit.
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Just a reminder, in case anyone else wants to play: if you have questions you want to ask go here. (If you don't know what I'm talking about and are curious, go there as well).

Since I'm pretty busy right now, I'm going to have to have to impose a deadline for questions. So, if you want to ask something, please do so by Saturday, January 19.

Nine more days until the crackiversary!
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So as I threatened, noted, I was thinking about what to do for teh crack's second anniversary on January 25 (the day, two (!) years ago, that I posted Resurrection), and, as usual, I have come up with no brilliant, original ideas. So, instead we'll be unoriginal and call it tradition.

If anyone has any desire to pay homage to Lancelot play in the crackverse, January 25 is the day: fic, icons, drawings, uplighting highlighting tips for Galahad, what you think should/will happen next (this I'd love to hear ;) ), songs for Bors to sing--it's all good. Come on, you know you want to (and you don't want to make Lancelot sulk, do you?).

After some hesitation, I'm going to throw the comments to this post open for prompts or questions. Ever wanted to know how Arthur crashed the car or witness Lancelot's first encounter with an alarm clock? Ask away, although I won't answer questions where the answer is a potential spoiler or requires me to write an epic. With work the way it is, I can't promise I'll be answer everyone on the 25th, but I'll certainly give it try.

Eighteen days to the crackiversary!
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Being the lucky girl that I am, I--okay, sorry, actually Lancelot (sheeze, he's pushy) being the adored person that he is, the crackiversary was great fun for us (and I hope you guys). If you haven't already, check out:

[ profile] fisher_queen did some hilariously crack motivational posters. I'm still snickering.

[ profile] sasha_b did her take of one of the five things meme questions (The 5 things Lancelot hates the most about the 21st century, and the one thing he loves (excluding Arthur, of course)) here (which Lancelot approves of) and then wrote me (shut up, Lancelot--it's mine) a fic (!!!) set in teh crack. If you haven't read it, go right now--it's fabulous.

And then [ profile] lessy37 made me the bestest icons ever, one of which is posted here, and this banner, which Lancelot is sure all of you are jealous of (but he does wonder why it is that Arthur gets more than half of the space, when everyone knows that he's the star?). :p

And thanks to all of you who commented and said such nice such things. : ) I'm really just full of glee that you guys have been enjoying the story.

*falls over dead from the happy squee*

And there are also my gifts for the occasion: if you haven't, go read the five question meme answers. It turned rather epic and just might have some hints about what's going on with that whole plot thing. Maybe. ; ) And also, Resurrection ficlet interlude is here.

Anyway, while, sadly, teh crackiversary is over, teh crack shall go on. (Just don't ask me exactly when.) And maybe we'll have teh Crackiversary II: The Revenge of Agravaine in a year or so (cause at the rate I'm going, I'm probably still going to be writing this then). : )

And the knights are still trying to clean up all the shredded wrapping paper, empty bottles, and the messy remains of the food fight. But no one is telling Galahad that he is still wearing the gift-wrap bows that Tor stuck in his hair.
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The big day has arrived! It’s one year today since I posted the first story in teh crack epic Resurrection. When I wrote the first little snippet, I never intended to write a sequel, much less a series, but here we are 90,000 words and 14 fics later (and for old time’s sake, I remind everyone that it is all [ profile] sasha_b’s fault).

To mark the occasion, the answers to teh crack five question meme are here.

I’ve also written little ficlet interlude, which is here.

If anyone has anything they want to share on this, o so auspicious day, please feel free to do so in the comments to this post.

Also, I just wanted to say that I’ve had a lot of fun writing this series, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it as well. Thanks for reading, and for all your comments. They are very much appreciated and I treasure each and every one. As much as I do enjoy plotting and cackling over this fic, I confess that it would probably not get much further than my own head if I didn’t know that someone was out there actually reading.

Enough with the blah blah blah.

Happy Resurrection Day!
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Here are the five things meme answers. Wow, that was a lot. : ) I think I might have exceeded the maximum number of cuts lj allows for an entry, so it’s actually broken down into two posts. Second post is linked at the bottom.

And also, I’m getting the feeling that some of you really like Tristan. In my unscientific survey, he and Lancelot tied for person with the most questions mentioning them (9) and Arthur came in a close second (8). Everyone else was left in the dust: Only four questions relating to the knights in general, Dinaden had three, Galahad two, and Gawain, Gaheris and Merlin one each.

BTW, Bors is quite offended no one asked questions about him, especially since someone asked a question about that creepy Merlin. And you’ve made Tor cry. (Kay has been trying to console him by telling him that out of the non-movie knights, only Dinaden and Gaheris got named in any questions, but actually, deep down, Kay’s a little miffed too—mostly on Dagonet’s behalf.) (Agravaine is making snarky remarks about how the only reason Dinaden got on the list is because all those questions are really about Tristan and how Gaheris wouldn’t have made it either if it weren’t for Gawain and Galahad and people’s prurient interest in threesomes.)

For [ profile] ladydey

Four things that Arthur is unaware of, but are better now that Lancelot is back (and one that he is aware of) )

Five Things that Bedevil even Merlin in This New Era )

Four Ways that Arthur and Lancelot Don't Take Over the World, and One Way that They Do )

For [ profile] fisher_queen

Five things the knights learned about kitchens )

Galahad's five most embarrassing fashion faux pau’s. )

Five slightly illegal things the knights have done that Arthur does not know about )

For [ profile] darklyscarlett

Five arguments/rows/brawls Galahad and Gaheris have had over Gawain, and Gawain's reaction to each of them. )

Lancelot's top 5 vomit-inducing romantic gestures that he's observed with the other couples )

Arthur's top 5 romantic gestures that he's planning to spring on Lance once the election is over )

Top 5 things Tristan finds utterly irresistible about Dinaden )

Top 5 things Dinaden finds utterly irresistible about Tristan )

Continued here .


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