Jan. 25th, 2009

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I don’t know why it took me three years to think of this, but what’s a party without music? Here are some of the songs I’ve been listening to over the last three years while I’ve been working on teh crack. Most of them have lyrics that have some connection for me to the fic itself, even if it might be an obscure one, but most are fairly obvious. (Some might even hold clues ;) ). One song per month. If you guys like this, we’ll do it again next year, because there are a lot more songs, and it’s pretty unlikely I’ll be done . . . .

(Songs aren't familar? Want to have a listen? Go play the Crackiversary Party Game.)

First Resurrection Play List )
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Ever wanted a chance to make use of your vast knowledge of the Crackiverse? Well, here’s your opportunity. Answer the questions below in the comments and prove your bona fides as a crackhead.

Prizes? I did promise prizes didn’t I? Get 12 points and I’ll link you to a download of a majority of the songs on the Crackiversary Play List (about a third of them I only have as protected files, so those can’t be uploaded). Whoever gets the most questions right—what, bragging rights aren’t enough for you?—will get a walk on role in the fic. (Some of you suggested Lancelot as a prize, but, after legal consultation, unfortunately, I’m not insured for the liability issues that raises.)

This is open book, and everything ever written about teh crack is fair game (no looking at your neighbors' paper, though, comments are screened). Have your answers up by Thursday, January 29. Winners will be announced on Saturday, January 31.

Have fun!

ETA: The Crackiversary game is over, and congrats to [livejournal.com profile] fisher_queen for winning! The correct answers to the game appear below in the comments.

Get your pencils ready )
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Resurrection Day Plus 3: A Day in the Life at D’Aubigny Manor

Eighty-eight lines A lot more damned words than I was planning about forty-four women thirty-nine knights, plus an Arthur.

Crackiversary! )
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It's been three years now since I first posted the first fic in what became the Resurrection monster series. I would never have believed at the time that I'd still be at it three years later (it was supposed to be a one off!). To celebrate the occasion we have:

Crackiversary fic. It's a lot longer than I had planned, but the knights have been getting restless.

A Crackiversary Party Game! (Go play. Or else. Tristan says so. And you don't want to make him mad, do you?)

A Crackiversary Play List.

So enjoy! Lancelot insists that you do--he's expecting gifts so, um . . . (run).


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