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Ever wanted a chance to make use of your vast knowledge of the Crackiverse? Well, here’s your opportunity. Answer the questions below in the comments and prove your bona fides as a crackhead.

Prizes? I did promise prizes didn’t I? Get 12 points and I’ll link you to a download of a majority of the songs on the Crackiversary Play List (about a third of them I only have as protected files, so those can’t be uploaded). Whoever gets the most questions right—what, bragging rights aren’t enough for you?—will get a walk on role in the fic. (Some of you suggested Lancelot as a prize, but, after legal consultation, unfortunately, I’m not insured for the liability issues that raises.)

This is open book, and everything ever written about teh crack is fair game (no looking at your neighbors' paper, though, comments are screened). Have your answers up by Thursday, January 29. Winners will be announced on Saturday, January 31.

Have fun!

ETA: The Crackiversary game is over, and congrats to [ profile] fisher_queen for winning! The correct answers to the game appear below in the comments.

1. So far, we don’t know if Tor likes
a. Donuts
b. Pizza
c. Grape juice
d. Hamburgers
e. Chocolate

2. Lancelot’s original roommate[s] in the barrack was/were:

3. Dinaden has tried giving Tristan gifts to win him back. These include everything except:
a. Flowers
b. A taser
c. A parrot
d. A garrote
e. All of the Above

4. Lancelot approves of which of the following (you can pick more than one if warranted):
a. Guns
b. Cell phones
c. Tea
d. Cologne
e. Democracy
f. None of the above

5. Lancelot’s first set of clothes in modern times were purchased by:
a. Arthur
b. Galahad
c. Gareth
d. Dagonet
e. Lavaine

6. Bruenor’s first attempt at cooking was not a success. Who provided him with encouragement to continue?
a. Bedivere
b. Tor
c. Percival
d. Tristan
e. Arthur

7. Lancelot’s first shopping trip was to:
a. Harrods
b. Marks & Spencer
c. Burberry
d. Selfridges
e. Gieves & Hawkes

8. Name Bors’ two favorite songs.

9. Not including Arthur, whose stuff does Lancelot have a tendency to borrow?

10. What happened to the desk Arthur had at Badon?
a. Guinevere burned it
b. Lancelot broke it
c. Arthur left it behind when he became king
d. The knights used it as a hurdle to jump their horses
e. Arthur doesn’t know

11. What happened to Lancelot’s swords after he died?

12. The knight responsible for the Great Bathroom Flood was:
a. Tor
b. Galahad
c. Tristan
d. Bruenor
e. Kay

13. Arthur was king for how many years:
a. Five
b. Ten
c. Twelve
d. Fifteen
e. Twenty

14. Agravaine and Kay’s hair color (in order):
a. Light and light
b. Dark and dark
c. Light and dark
d. Dark and light
e. Unknown

15. The knight who likes chocolate milk in his cereal is:
a. Tor
b. Percival
c. Galahad
d. Bors
e. Lavaine

16. Place in order of original death (extra point if you show your work):
a. Tor
b. Lavaine
c. Kay
d. Galehaut
e. Dinaden

17. Place in order of original birth (extra point if you show your work):
a. Lancelot
b. Tor
c. Gareth
d. Galahad

18. Agravaine died how many years after conscription?

19. What person[s] where behind Kay’s missing boots and what were their movtives?

20. Barlow is:

21. It may be three years since Resurrection appeared on this journal, but, in the crackiverse, how long has it been since Lancelot was resurrected?
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